Research summary

In 1978, our laboratory launched the cytogenetic research in human solid tumors. From the initial cytogenetic analysis in solid tumors to the molecular-DNA level research in the 1990s, our laboratory has been dedicated in the gene structure and function research in human malignant tumors. In 2001, the study of Cytogenetic Research in Solid Tumor was awarded with the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award.

Research fields

1.        Identification, localization and cloning of tumor related genes in human solid tumor.

2.        Biological function analysis of tumor related genes in human solid tumor.

3.        Molecular and regulatory mechanism research of tumor related genes in human solid tumor.

4.        Signal transduction pathway study of tumor related genes in human solid tumor.

Research achievements

Established bank for human solid tumors

In collaboration with the First, Second and  Third Affiliated Hospitals of Harbin Medical University, we have collected the blood and tissue samples of patients with common solid tumors in north China. So far, we have established a tumor genetic resource library of north China, including but not limited to stomach cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer.

Publications (*correspondence author)

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