In 1962, a particular extrachromosomal small body structure was observed and reported in the pleural effusion of lung cancer. Afterwards, these structures were named double minute chromosomes (DMs). As an extrachromosomal gene amplification marker, DMs are acentric, atelomeric, and self-replicating bodies existing in pairs, which usually carry oncogenes and drug resistance genes and are closely related with tumor progression and drug resistance.

Research summary

Our lab started the structure and function research of DMs in 1998 and we are the only lab doing the systematic biological research of DMs in China. From the ultrastructure to molecular structure and the function of related genes, we have done detailed analysis into the structure characteristics and sequence function of DMs,  disclosed the  mechanism of DMss formation, as well as explored the relationships between DMs and tumor drug resistance.

Research fields

1. Ultrastructure research of DMs.

2. Origination, sequence and structure analysis of DMs in different tumors.

3. Function study of genes carried by DMs and their related signal transduction pathways.

4. Mechanism study of DMs formation and development in the process of drug resistance in solid tumor.

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